Lone Eagle Honor Flight

Lone Eagle Honor Flight

Making the Trip Possible 

The Honor Flight Network’s mission is to fly our nation’s veterans to Washington DC to visit the memorials and monuments dedicated to honoring their service and sacrifice.   While the Honor Flight Network is comprised of over 125 Honor Flight Hubs around the country, not every area is serviced by a  regional Hub. The Lone Eagle Honor Flight ensures that all veterans, regardless of their geographic location in the U.S., are able to participate in an Honor Flight trip.   The Lone Eagle Hub honors veterans of all service eras, but gives priority to those who served during WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam War and the time periods between these conflicts. Additionally, our Lone Eagle Hub serves critically ill veterans of all service eras who have less than one year to live. 

How It Works

If you or a loved one are eligible for an Honor Flight trip but do not live within 120 miles of an existing regional Honor Flight Hub, your veteran may be eligible to travel with the Lone Eagle Honor Flight.  The Veteran Application can be accessed using the link at the bottom of this page.   Once we receive the application, the veteran’s name is added to our wait list.  Veterans are prioritized by conflict starting with WWII (top priority), Korea and then Vietnam (those who served between conflicts are prioritized according to their first date of service).  As we work our way through our wait list, your veteran will be called when their name is up to go on their Honor Flight trip.  Further details will be provided at that time.

All Veterans must be accompanied by a travelling companion, a caregiver, which we call a “guardian”.  This is not a guardian in the legal sense, but an individual who is capable of escorting the veteran during the flight to and from Washington, D.C. as well as throughout the day while touring the memorials and monuments in the D.C. area.  It is strongly recommended that this individual be physically capable to attend to the physical needs of the veteran throughout the weekend, including pushing a wheelchair long distances in the event this is required.  Additionally, there will be one hotel room with two double beds so the guardian can stay with the veteran during each of the two nights in the hotel.  While the honored veteran's Honor Flight experience is free of charge to them, a guardian provides a $500 donation which partially covers the guardian's transportation, meals and lodging. 

The veteran and guardian applications are found below. 

Lone Eagle ApplicationLone Eagle Guardian Application


If you would like more information about the Lone Eagle Honor Flight, please visit the national website page at https://loneeagle.honorflight.org.